Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

✿ Kirschblütenfest (little Gyaru Meet)


on Sundy there was the cherry blossom festival in Fürth.

There I met Ramona, Barbara, Mia, Kitai, Milky and Kyo.
It's been a while since I met them. So I was happy to see them again.

 Dress: DreamV

 The meadow where we sat by the "Grünen Halle".
 Group pics:
 Ramona, Barbara, Milky, Mia, Kitai and me

 The damn boys in the background who played soccer were so annoying!!!! 
Cheeky little brats!!! They had no manners!!!
They wanted to pick up me and Ramona.... lol.... serious???
They always flirted with us... well they tried to!!! xDDDD

 Photo edited without the stupid boys: :DDDD

Me, Ramona & Barbara.
I need to dye my hair again!!! >_<

Me & Kitai ♥

We also made a video for the gaijin gyaru awards. :)

The other group shops will be uploaded until Kyo sent me them!!! ^___^

bye bye

★ Party Hard: My Birthday ★


Last week on thursday was my birthday.
I turned 20!!! ;________;
I'm a old woman now!!! xDDD haha

This was the second time in my life where I had nice weather on my birthday. It didn't rain. That's a miracle!!! :'D

My birthday cake which my mum baked:
The outside was a little bit damaged from the car drive,
but I didn't care! ^__^
It was delicious!

On the 18th I celebrated my birthday with Cami at the bar "Loom".
I really like it there. We had shisha and some cocktails. ^^
The blue photo album you see in the pictrure was a present from Cami.
Soooooo sweet. There were lots of pictures from us partying and having fun.
I'm glad that I've met her. She is really my best friend!!! ♥
Also she wrote me a "love letter". The cutest thing on the world. I loved her present because it was very personal and touching!!!! Thank you Caaaarm!!! You are the best!!! :-* ♥♥♥♥

My other presents:
from my mum
She gave me a apron with the sign: "Jasmin loves to bake"
hahahahaha there was even a photo of me on it!!!
So funny!!!
 Cami's photo book

All together:
 Also my cute Zuka sent me a present. I was really surprised and didn't expect this!
It arrived one day after my birthday, so the delivery was quick. I was so excited and couldn't wait to open it!!!! haha 
She gave me a dress, circle lenses, circle lens case, a mobile charm and a cute pouch!!!
Also she wrote me such a cute letter and she draw that awesome Chibi of me!!!!
I loved her present ... it was so nice and cuteeee!!!! ♥
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I'm happy to have you as a friend!! ♥♥♥

 The birthday party on Saturday:

I had a very simple make up. Even no lower lashes!!! >o<
But the spring inspired me for the colorful eyeshadow!!! :D

In the evening Cami, Alan and Dennis came to my apartment.
We cooked together... well, actually I cooked and ate something.
But Cami tried the pie too. ^_^

We drunk some alcohol and then went to the club "Won".
Asli and Yerbol joint us there.
I couldn't believe that I was celebrating my birthday in that disco!!!
hahahahaaha sometimes it's sooo asocial!!! xDDD
But it was awesome! The music was great and I had a lot of fun!!!

Thank you everybody for the nice day!!!
I'm glad to have you as my friends!!! :-*

bye bye

Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

♥ Update: Nail Tutorial is uploaded again

I uploaded the video on another platform and now it works.


------------> watch the NAIL TUTORIAL VIDEO HERE <------------

bye bye

ps: soon there will be a 200+ follower giveaway!!! :D

Samstag, 13. April 2013

♥ Gyaru Nail Tutorial: Neon Color with Leo & Zebra Print


today I want to show you my tutorial.
There are always people who ask how I do my nails and some of you asked me for a tutorial....
So here it is!! :D

------> VIDEO <------

I did my nails with uv gel. It's easier and cheaper to do your nails at your own.
You don't have to be a pro, just buy the things you need and go for it!!!


Stuff you need:

  • uv gel
  • uv light
  • brushes (thin+thick)
  • alcohol (or nail polish remover)
  • nail polish in differen colors ( I used: pearl rose, pink, blue, yellow, green, black, transparent nail polish and sunblock nail polish)
  • cross rhinestone (or any other rhinestones)
  • primer
  • nail glue
  • scissors
  • pincette
  • nail clippers

My uv gel, the nail glue and the primer are from Fing'rs.
I bought the brushes from Müller.
Most of my nail polishes are from P2 or Kiko. These are my favourite brands.
I also own some from essence but I'm not pleased with them. Better buy from other brands! ;)


I hope you liked my tutorial!!!
See you next time!

Hugs and kisses :-* ♥~

bye bye

Montag, 8. April 2013

♥ Party Party Party!!!! & Velvet Gyaru Circle (Long Post)


I hope you all are doing well!!!!

The last days I went to Riina and stayed at her house over the weekend!

Thursday afternoon I took the train to Düsseldorf.
Takeo was so nice and picked us up!!! :)
He drove us to Riinas home. We stayed up not that long as we did last time, but there were lot of things we had to talk about. hihi :D

Next day on Friday, Riina and me visited Vanessa in Dortmund.
It took 45 minutes to Dortmund. ;__; 

Together we went shopping and talked a lot..... hahahaha there happend so many things we had to tell us!!!! ^__________^
I love you girls!!!! ♥

We went into a lot of stores. Most of them had quite cheap clothes. So couldn't resist buying something!!! ;__;
But I bought something useful! Flat shoes!!!! hahaha the sneakers cost only 14€ and I really love the design with the gold rivets.
The gold black top somehow reminded me at d.i.a.. So I took this one too.
After a loooong time everybody bought their clubbing outfit. So we sat down in an restaurant and ate sushi.

I had kappa maki, kampyo maki and Hourensou.

I think "Hourensou" is Vanessa favourite word now.
When she looked at the menu card and she had read "Hurensohn"!!! hahahaha this was so funny.

And later when I ordered "Hourensou" she understood "Lorenzo" xDDDDD

soooo good... I enjoyed the day with my lovely girls!!!!

After eating and listening to very interesting storys!!! ... we went to Vanessa's home and she packed some things because she was staying with us at Riina's house for 2 days. ^__^

The rest of the evening we didn't do anything special. Just talked and talked and talked.... hahaha I think this is really a girl thing!!! :DDD


Vanessa honey getting ready:

In the train to Düsseldorf:

Me and Vanessa.

Riina ♥

Pictures of me:

Make up:

somehow I love purple eye shadow! ^^

I also did my nails. I made a nail tutorial which I show you at my next post!!! ^^

After we arrived in Düsseldorf, we went to Don... On our way we met Sascha and Jojo. ^^
We even hurried to get there because Don normally closes at 6 pm.
But at 5:15 pm it was already closed!!! I was so pissed.... everytime I want to eat there the restaurant is closed!!! damn it!!!! ;__________;

Then we decided to go to Naniwa. I wasn't that excited because you have to wait a long time in a line until you can sit down and enjoy your food. But luckily we got quickly into the restaurant. It was so cold outside and I was hungry.

I was very happy when my food came!!!! xD

Riina and Vanessa at Naniwa:

After eating we went to BOBOQ and got a bubble tea... nom nom nom. ^___^

It's been a while since I had my last bubble tea.

Me and Riina at the bubble tea store.

Mona joined us before we left but sadly Sascha and Jojo went home after drinking bubble tea.

Later we met Aiko at the main station. Then we bought some alcohol and went to our friends home where the boys already waited for us. :D

It didn't take long and we all were in a good mood.
hahahaha we were so drunken!!! >__<

me, the genius, taking pictures xDDDD


ahahahaha look at my and Vanessas face and then at Riinas!!! xDDD she looks so normal and we made the weirdest faces ever!!! hahahahaha


After drinking too much we went to the shisha and cocktailbar Chillout. We were there the last time too. And I like the bar a lot!!! :D

At 5 o'clock in the morning we went home.

Also on Saturday Aiko aked me to join her Gyaru Circle Velvet. Well... actually Riina asked me the day before because she couldn't wait for my answer. xD And of course I sayed yes.
I know most of the members so I'm happy to be a part of Velvet now. :D
I'm looking forward to see you all at the Japantag again!!! 


We had a good night's rest and recovered us from ur drunkenness!!!! xD

After sleeping long I felt quite fit. I am happy that I never get a hangover!! :DDD

Vanessa, Riina and me got ready and went to the train station.
Then it was time to say good bye to Vanessa!! ;____;
I'm happy when I see her again. ^___^

Me and Riina took the train to DD and went to BoBoQ again. 
We chatted about the last night and the things that happend.
Maybe someday I'm more open and tell you the storys. But for now I keep this private, especially when it's about boys! ;D

At 19:30 I took my train home to Nürnberg.

Our "goodbye drink" from star bucks. xD

Riina my beloved friend, I enjoyed the weekend as I always do.
I had so much fun with you and the other guys!!!
Soon I will come again and our party tour will be continued!!!!!

bye bye 

Thank you who ever made the secrets:

It's so cuuuute!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Thank you!!!! ^_____^