Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

✿ Kirschblütenfest (little Gyaru Meet)


on Sundy there was the cherry blossom festival in Fürth.

There I met Ramona, Barbara, Mia, Kitai, Milky and Kyo.
It's been a while since I met them. So I was happy to see them again.

 Dress: DreamV

 The meadow where we sat by the "Grünen Halle".
 Group pics:
 Ramona, Barbara, Milky, Mia, Kitai and me

 The damn boys in the background who played soccer were so annoying!!!! 
Cheeky little brats!!! They had no manners!!!
They wanted to pick up me and Ramona.... lol.... serious???
They always flirted with us... well they tried to!!! xDDDD

 Photo edited without the stupid boys: :DDDD

Me, Ramona & Barbara.
I need to dye my hair again!!! >_<

Me & Kitai ♥

We also made a video for the gaijin gyaru awards. :)

The other group shops will be uploaded until Kyo sent me them!!! ^___^

bye bye

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