Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

★ Party Hard: My Birthday ★


Last week on thursday was my birthday.
I turned 20!!! ;________;
I'm a old woman now!!! xDDD haha

This was the second time in my life where I had nice weather on my birthday. It didn't rain. That's a miracle!!! :'D

My birthday cake which my mum baked:
The outside was a little bit damaged from the car drive,
but I didn't care! ^__^
It was delicious!

On the 18th I celebrated my birthday with Cami at the bar "Loom".
I really like it there. We had shisha and some cocktails. ^^
The blue photo album you see in the pictrure was a present from Cami.
Soooooo sweet. There were lots of pictures from us partying and having fun.
I'm glad that I've met her. She is really my best friend!!! ♥
Also she wrote me a "love letter". The cutest thing on the world. I loved her present because it was very personal and touching!!!! Thank you Caaaarm!!! You are the best!!! :-* ♥♥♥♥

My other presents:
from my mum
She gave me a apron with the sign: "Jasmin loves to bake"
hahahahaha there was even a photo of me on it!!!
So funny!!!
 Cami's photo book

All together:
 Also my cute Zuka sent me a present. I was really surprised and didn't expect this!
It arrived one day after my birthday, so the delivery was quick. I was so excited and couldn't wait to open it!!!! haha 
She gave me a dress, circle lenses, circle lens case, a mobile charm and a cute pouch!!!
Also she wrote me such a cute letter and she draw that awesome Chibi of me!!!!
I loved her present ... it was so nice and cuteeee!!!! ♥
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I'm happy to have you as a friend!! ♥♥♥

 The birthday party on Saturday:

I had a very simple make up. Even no lower lashes!!! >o<
But the spring inspired me for the colorful eyeshadow!!! :D

In the evening Cami, Alan and Dennis came to my apartment.
We cooked together... well, actually I cooked and ate something.
But Cami tried the pie too. ^_^

We drunk some alcohol and then went to the club "Won".
Asli and Yerbol joint us there.
I couldn't believe that I was celebrating my birthday in that disco!!!
hahahahaaha sometimes it's sooo asocial!!! xDDD
But it was awesome! The music was great and I had a lot of fun!!!

Thank you everybody for the nice day!!!
I'm glad to have you as my friends!!! :-*

bye bye

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