Freitag, 31. Mai 2013

♥ Holiday (Part 1) : Japantag Düsseldorf 2013


on Saturday was Japanday.

I arrived Friday night. Riina and Takeo picked me up and we went to Riinas home.
Sadly Riina had to work the next day. So Takeo picked me up and we went to Aiko. Aiko's boyfriend, Kitai and her boyfriend were alreay there.
It was nice getting ready together. ^_^

First of all we drunk a cherry beer. It was my breakfast hahahaha xD
but it was good! :)

Aiko & me
Aiko, Kitai, me

Circle Lenses: Barbie Eye Diamond Brown
Upper Lashes: 2x Diamond Lash Angel Eye + Essence Lashes
Lower Lashes: Diamond Lash Sweet Eye

At 7 pm we met us at the tower. Actually there were more gals than I expected. ^^
Also some gals came from different counties. :)
After talking and taking pictures we went to the bar and restaurant El Passo.
I like it there.
Me and Riina had a little salad. But after it I was so full! xD

Sadly most of the gals leaved before the firework started! :/
But I was happy to see everyone again!!!
I hope next time there is better weather so we could have more fun outside! haha xD

Me and Ronja <3

Group Pics:

beautiful faces hahaha xD
Jojo, Sui and Amanda looked super cute in their Yukatas.

In the evening me and Riina met with a friend and watched the firework.
It was soooo beautiful. I love firework!!!

 Final! *______*

 Drinking Cocktails before Asia Party:
Me with Riina honey!!! ♥♥♥

This was the first part of my Düsseldorf trip. I stayed there 5 days so be prepared for my next posts!!! ^^

bye bye

Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

★ japanday preparation (outfit & nails)

Hello everbody,

Sorry that I didn't blog for a while but at the moment I am very busy with school. In 2 weeks are my final exams. 

Just a quick update:

 Bought this outfit for japanday:

Also I changed my hair color. I wanted ombre hair again so I dyed my hair brown and red. Its not really red... kind of strawberry blonde pink whatever. . But I like the color. ^^

And my nails: 
They remind me at himegyaru. I guess that are the flowers. But this time I wanted something more cute and everything should be in pink. Hihi 
I think I did a great job. :3 I tried my best.

BYE bye

I hope I see some of you tomorrow. :D

Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

♥ Little Gyaru Meet In Würzburg (Sushi, Shisha & Cocktails)


actually there should be a gyaru meet on saturday in Stuttgart. But sadly a lot of people canceled the week before. So only two people could come. And also just for a couple of hours.

That's why Barbara, Ramona, Kitai and me decided to meet us in Würzburg.
I doesn't make sense to drive 4 hours for only meeting two people. It was sad though because I was excited about the meet. :/

 my make up:

Beanie: Tally Weijl
Dress: present from Zuka (I think its from dreamv)
Cardigan: DreamV

At 14:30 I met Kitai at the train station. We went to Claire's where she bought a flower for her hair.
Then Ramona and Barbara arrived too. ^^
It was nice to see my girls again. It's been a while since I've met them.
I was really happy. We only live one hour from eachother away.... 
I don't know why we don't see us more often!!! lol xD
This definitely must change!!! :D

Eating Sushi at Nushu:

After eating we went to the Residenz.
Luckily it was sunny. This was perfect for our group shots. ^__^

Group pics:

Me, Barbara, Ramona & Kitai

 Me & Kitai ♥

I loved Barbara's outfit. So cute!!! ^_^

 Shisha and cocktail time ~♥
hihi :D

 Barbara's special cocktail!

The bar at the shisha cafe:
I liked the atmosphere there. When I visit Würzburg again I definitely have to come back! :D

bye bye