Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

★ japanday preparation (outfit & nails)

Hello everbody,

Sorry that I didn't blog for a while but at the moment I am very busy with school. In 2 weeks are my final exams. 

Just a quick update:

 Bought this outfit for japanday:

Also I changed my hair color. I wanted ombre hair again so I dyed my hair brown and red. Its not really red... kind of strawberry blonde pink whatever. . But I like the color. ^^

And my nails: 
They remind me at himegyaru. I guess that are the flowers. But this time I wanted something more cute and everything should be in pink. Hihi 
I think I did a great job. :3 I tried my best.

BYE bye

I hope I see some of you tomorrow. :D

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