Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

♥ Little Gyaru Meet In Würzburg (Sushi, Shisha & Cocktails)


actually there should be a gyaru meet on saturday in Stuttgart. But sadly a lot of people canceled the week before. So only two people could come. And also just for a couple of hours.

That's why Barbara, Ramona, Kitai and me decided to meet us in Würzburg.
I doesn't make sense to drive 4 hours for only meeting two people. It was sad though because I was excited about the meet. :/

 my make up:

Beanie: Tally Weijl
Dress: present from Zuka (I think its from dreamv)
Cardigan: DreamV

At 14:30 I met Kitai at the train station. We went to Claire's where she bought a flower for her hair.
Then Ramona and Barbara arrived too. ^^
It was nice to see my girls again. It's been a while since I've met them.
I was really happy. We only live one hour from eachother away.... 
I don't know why we don't see us more often!!! lol xD
This definitely must change!!! :D

Eating Sushi at Nushu:

After eating we went to the Residenz.
Luckily it was sunny. This was perfect for our group shots. ^__^

Group pics:

Me, Barbara, Ramona & Kitai

 Me & Kitai ♥

I loved Barbara's outfit. So cute!!! ^_^

 Shisha and cocktail time ~♥
hihi :D

 Barbara's special cocktail!

The bar at the shisha cafe:
I liked the atmosphere there. When I visit Würzburg again I definitely have to come back! :D

bye bye

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