Samstag, 27. Juli 2013

★ BIG NEWS ★ Japan Journey ★ Shibuya I'm coming!!!

Hello my dears,

the last weeks were stressful and I had a lot to do.
Finding the right apartement in Düsseldorf was not easy. But after some nerve racking weeks Riina and me found the perfect apartment. hehe ~♥

Now It's offical. I'm moving to Düsseldorf for studying Fashion Design!
I'm excited but it's also sad to leave my beloved friends! :'(

Buuut... something that is more interesting for you .... I'm going to Japan!!!

I am from 6th August - 24th August in Tokyo! Finally! :D

I'm so excited. It feels so unreal and I can't believe that I'm going to Japan. :'D
I'll first believe it when I'm infront of Shibuya 109! *__*

I am visiting Japan with Kitai.
I'm happy to have her as a friend! She was one of the first gyarus I've met!
It is fun to spend time with her! We went to some partys and to a lot of meet ups together. 
And she is on 3/4 of my purikuras! xD haha
To party with her is I'm looking forward to Tokyo!
It will be crazyyy as hell!!!!


I think I know her for 3 years! It's a long time! :D
I want to show you some pics of the last years!
(the Kitai and Yaya love story! hahahahahaha)




Guys, I can't wait to explore the gyaru world in Tokyo!!!

 I'll take my laptop with me. So I can blog on a daily basis!

bye bye