Sonntag, 18. August 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 10+11: Party Night at Atom & d.i.a. shop staff

Hello honeys, 


On Thursday I went with Kitai and Fabio to club Atom.
It was a lot of fun. The music is sooo good. They play house, electro and trance! I love it!
Best club ever!!! ^0^

After clubbing we went taking purikura. There was already daylight in the morning. When I go home from clubbing in Germany it's still dark outside. This was a bit of confusing! xD

 Nobody at the Purikura Center. :D 

Our funny pictures. Somehow the machine was strange. Fabios hair looked like it was painted and on one picture my lower lashes were missing!!! I was like wtf? How could this happen!!! xD


my Outfit:

Top: d.i.a.
Skirt: Yesstyle
Belt: d.i.a.
Bag: d.i.a.

On Friday we went to Shibuya and of course we couldn't resist going into the d.i.a. store. Actually I wanted to buy ONE thing and I already knew what. But we ended up with a huge bag of clothes again!!! Oh Lord! I love everything in this shop!!! All my money is gone now! ;__;

 d.i.a. store from the outside:

One of the d.i.a. shop staff  took a picture with me!!! Yaaayyy!! ^_^ Now I got what I wanted! xD She was so cute. It's funny when you enter the shop with d.i.a. clothes they say "thank you for wearing d.i.a." !!! So Cute. I love that in Japan! I always feel like a princess!!! hihi

I had a little chat with the shop staff. (I think her name was Fuukai) She was so cool and I loved her nails!
She also said that she likes my make up and that my nails are cute! The d.i.a. shop staff were so surprised when I said I do them by myself!
It feels like heaven when you get compliments from a d.i.a. staff!!! *___*
I mean... they are my role models. I look up to them and they are so nice to me!!!! ^0^

That made me happy!!! hihi :3

 Rilakkuma shoes and Diamond lashes are from Donki. Cardigan and Sweater are from d.i.a.

After shopping we went to McDonalds. Kitai wanted to eat there. Actually we wanted to relax but there are always these gaijin hunters. -_- It gets on my nerves! 
When we sit at Hachiko there are always guys who want to talk with us. And no normal talk... they are really intrusive and stubborn. It's hard to get rid of them again! I hate them!

 Me at the Shibuya Crossing again. I love this pic so much. Tokyo is very beautiful at night! ^_^

Here a little video from Shibuya Crossing.
I got used to all the people and the noises in Tokyo! xD

Have a nice evening! :3


bye bye


Freitag, 16. August 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 8: One Piece Store at Shibuya

on Tuesday we went to Shibuya again! :D
Actually I wanted to go to Prisila wig shop but my google maps showed me the wrong place. -.-
But we found the One Piece store. It's awesome there. All the cute stuff they have! awww *_*
And I'm not even a One Piece fan.
On Sunday we want to go to JUMP STORE. They have all the stuff from shounen jump mangas and animes. I'm so excited!!!!! :DDDDD Finally I will get some Naruto goods. :3
Me at the entrance of the One Piece Store:

Kitai bought alot of stuff for her boyfriend here. She spent over 10,000 yen! O_o
Just crazy! haha xD 

 I wanted to have a picture of me on the Shibuya crossing. Hihi :3
Kitai was so nice to take one. :)

And Kitai and I infront of Hachiko. Sadly the picture went out blurry. The next time we have to take another one. >_<
After that we talked a little bit with our friend. He works in Shibuya as a promoter for Izakaya. We met him at the first day in Shibuya. He came to us and talked in german with us. We were so surprised! xD So everytime we are there, we have a little chat with him. :3
That is all from Tuesday!
bye bye


Donnerstag, 15. August 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 9: AKIHABARA (Purikura with Maid Costumes)


yesterday we went to Akihabara!!! :D

We wanted to go there because they have all the anime and manga stuff. But I was a little bit disappointed because most of the stores had only the echi and hentai stuff! -_- Everywhere little anime girls with way to big boobs. Boobs all over Akihabara! xD
I thought there would be more Naruto suff! :'(

Me and Kitai went also to some game center. But we didn't win anything! :/

Me at a crossing in Akihabara:

We went to a lot of stores but like I said, most of them had things I wasn't looking for. But in 2 duty free shops we found exactly what we wanted. There was a Rilakkuma section too. So I couldn't resist buying a little Korilakkuma plushy. ;___; All my money buhuhuhu. But I'm in love with Rilakkuma so I think it's ok. :'D

At the same store they had a Purikura machine and you could dress up as a maid!!! hahahaha so funny. They had other costumes too, but as we are in Akihabara we had to take the maid costume.

I love the last puri with us. But the other are ... well... maid costumes doesn't suit me neither Kitai.
Our d.i.a. clothes look way better on us! haha
But it was fun to try them on! :D

 My favourite! (*^_^*)

My gets from Akihabara:

Most of the stuff I bought are presents. So I show you them when I am at home again. Hihi :3
You will loooveee it!!! I found soo cute stuff for my friends and my family.

I love Japan with all the super duper cute kawaii fucking shit. I will miss this when I'm in Germany!!! x3 Today we saw a pink digger with dots. It was PINK ... with DOTS!!! A DIGGER!!! hahaha so cool!


bye bye


And thank you to my new followers! I'll make a giveaway when I am at home!!!! ♥
It makes me happy that there are people who actually read my blog!!! Thank you so much!!! You are the best! And also a big thank you to all who commented on my blog! I appreciate that!!!!



Dienstag, 13. August 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 6: Tokyo Tower & HOOTERS


on Sunday we didn't want to do anything exhausting. So we decided to visit Tokyo Tower because it's only a 10 minute walk from our hotel.

And we had NO MAKE UP on. Don't wonder why I look so different in these pics! xDDD

All the pictures are taken on the way! ^_^

There were some pretty traditional japanese places! :3

Me infront of the Tokyo Tower! hihi

Commercial with Rola! ♥ Love her so much! She is very cute! (*^_^*)

Tokyo Tower

I love Japan with all the cute stuff! :D
We enjoyed Bubble tea and Melon Soda! So yummy! :3


They had an aquarium on the street! *o* loved it! With sharks and Nemos!!! So cool! 

Louis Vuitton at Ginza. Just a beautiful building.

Finally at HOOTERS:


bye bye

Montag, 12. August 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 5: Odaiba Hanabi (Tokyo Bay Firework)


yesterday we went to the big firework at Tokyo Bay. There were a lot viewing spots but we decided to go to Odaiba. We only needed 30 minutes to the Hanabi.... actually... because there were so many people we had to wait 30 minutes only to enter the subway!!! -____-

My Yukata:

It was so hot and we had to wear our LONG yukatas with the thick fabric... I thought I would die. I never sweated so much in my life. This was hell!!! xDDDD
And, lucky me, forgot my fan!!!! grrrrr....

The line to the subway.... soooo crowded! >_<

But anyway the firework was so beautiful. It's so different from the german ones. They had smileys and hearts, sooooo cute!!! I loved it. I made a video for you so you can imagine how crowded it was! :D

After the firework we wanted to take purikura in our yukatas! hihi ^__^

Purikura outfit shot:

Have a nice day! ♥

Tomorrow I blog about our trip to Tokyo Tower and Hooter Restaurant in Ginza!

bye bye