Dienstag, 6. August 2013

♥ First Day in Tokyo: Exploring Shibuya

Hello guys,

on Monday I took with Kitai our plane to Tokyo.

we had flown with the new A380 from Lufthansa. I was very surprised. The plane is beautiful and flying is really comfortable. Also the food was good.

I was so nervous that I couldn't sleep the day before. xD
My back hurted so much after sitting 10 hours in a plane. Somehow I couldn't sleep in the plane either. :/

At 8 o'clock we arrived at narita airport and then we set off to our hotel.

It is located in Shinbashi. It's only a 12 minute ride from the station to Shibuya! :D

When we arrived at the hotel we fell asleep immideatly!!! >_<
After 2 hours sleep we got ready and went to Shibuya because we needed a curl iron and a hair straightener.


simple makeup. we weren't in the mood for heavy makeup! xD I think that's understandable! :3

It was the first time I visited Shibuya 109!!!! Just Heaven!!!
All the shop staff are super cute!
Can't wait to go there again!

When we were done with shopping we have met two nice girls, Jasmin and Roxana. :)
We took purikura together!! hahaha this was so much fun.

My gets ;)

When we were in the purikura machine, Kitai and I failed so hard!! We didn't realize that the machine already started. At once the machine began to count down for the picture hahaha.... our faces.... like "what's going on???" xDDD lol

Anyway, it was nice to walk trough shibuya at the evening. It's really impressing!!!


Tomorrow we want to buy a lot of clothes at Shibuya 109!!! ^0^
So stay tuned for our shopping haul!
I need some tops because somehow I managed to forget all my tops at home. I only took some basic tops with me.... >___>


bye bye
have a nice evening~♥

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