Donnerstag, 8. August 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 2: Shibuya 109 (d.i.a. love)


yesterday I didn't blog anymore. We walked around the whole day and we arrived at our hotel late at evening. So I immediately fell asleep! xD

Yesterday we got ready and then went to Shibuya for shopping at Shibuya 109! hehe

I was so nervous when we stood infront of the d.i.a. store.... just HEAVEN!!!

d.i.a. store

Their clothing is so nice. It was hard to decide what to buy.

When we entered the store one shop staff came to say hello. When she saw us she started screaming: "eeeeehhhhhhh kawaiiiiiii!!!!" She was very surprised. That was very cute! ^_^
She asked us where we come from and why we know d.i.a. Then she screamed through the store and showed us to the other shop staff. lol this was so strange xD I'm not used to so much attention!!!
I like the d.i.a. store a lot. The shop staff are so friendly. I had a nice talk with some of them and of course their clothing is amazing. But the best of all is that the yen rate is so bad at the moment. So all the brand stuff is not so expensive! hehehehe :D

my Shibuya 109 gets:
One piece: d.i.a.
top: d.i.a.
Diamond Lashes: SBY
Skirt: XOXO

hehe and the big shopping bag *_*

it's only the 2nd day and I think all my money goes to d.i.a. ;____;
why I am no millionaire???? xD

While waiting for Erina two cute girls asked us for a picture. So we took also one with them! :3

After shopping we met Erina and her friend. I only know her from the internet but she is such a cute girl. We met at sturbucks and also 2 other people met with Erina. They were from Italy.

All together we went taking Purikura. It was so full there.

But our puris were ... just awful hahaha we failed so hard again. some of my faces are so hilarious xDDDD but some were cute too.

After our photo session we went to Shibuya 109 again. We started at the top and went then down floor by floor. So we could went in all shops. We were there for 2 hours xD haha

Erina had a surpise for us. She said that she wants to show us "something interesting"

here a video on the way to it:

I hope nobody understands german. Because sometimes our talks are just crazy!

and do you know where we went? To the alcatraz restaurant!!! So awesome.
When you go inside everything is dark and you hardly can see anything. xD
A cute girl welcomed us. She applied cuffs to one of the boys hahaha
very funny! I like it there a lot.

At the entrance:
My drink with an eye inside! >__<

I had an awesome day!!! It was fun to meet new people!
I hope we can meet again!!! :D

bye bye

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