Donnerstag, 8. August 2013



today me and Kitai decided to go to Harajuku.

It was so hot today and somehow it wasn't my day. Do you know when you wake up and know your whole day will be a big disaster???
Today everything went wrong! ;__;
The heat made me so tired and exhausted, then my nail broke when I tried to open something, later I nearly collapsed on the street and now in the evening I walked on my laptop case (to be exact on one of the ring straps) because our room is so small and I don't know where to put all my things. And I only have 2 shopping bags... anyway now I have a wound on my feet. I hope this will heal over night and won't become infected. I pray that I can walk again tomorrow. This is defently something I don't need in Japan. Really not!!! -_____-
I hope my vacation will become better. Just the imagination to stay in bed because of that is killing me.

I'm looking forward to my Tokyo journey for 2 1/2 years now. Why is it always me?
Can't I be lucky for just the next 3 weeks!?! ;___;

Back to today xD

Hair & Make up

We took the Yamanote Line to Harajuku. Look at the cute Rilakkuma subway!!! *___*

super cute!!! ♥

First we went to Takeshita street.

Then taking Purikura:

After purikura we went to Kiddy Land.
On the 4th floor they had only  Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty.
I wanted to buy everything!!! *0*

Todays gets:

Barbie parfume:

We also bought some cute Yukatas. But I show you them on Saturday! ^_^
It's a little surprise! :D

That it is for today. Kitai went partying with a friend. I was so exhausted that I stayed in the hotel. But I can't walk anyway.... -.-

Have a nice day


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