Freitag, 9. August 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 4: Shopping at d.i.a. store (*___*)


today we slept until 3pm. xD
So we haven't done that much today.

We only wanted to go to Shibuya because I still needed tops and black shoes.
I only brought black shoes with silver rivets but they don't match with the gold based d.i.a. clothes. 

My Shibuya 109 haul:
Socks: random store (at d.i.a. entrance)
Top with pink black stripes: Baby Shoop
Belt: d.i.a.
Flower top: d.i.a.
Brown top: d.i.a.
baby pink top: d.i.a.

Shoes: FlagJ
I love them sooo much! *___*

And I forgot to show you the Rilakkuma condoms I bought! xDDD haha so funny. But I'm a little bit disappointed because there is no Rilakkuma print on itself! :/

After shopping me and Kitai ate dinner! :)

It's so cool to smoke inside the restaurant. In germany it is forbidden! ^_^

At last it was purikura time. There we also saw a lot of gyarus but they looked all so unfriendly like they don't want to do anything with us. We asked two girls for a picture. One of the girls didn't want to take one. It seemed like she was really pissed. 0_0 the other one wanted actually but alone she did not want to take some... to bad.... they were very cute!

Tomorrow is a big firework at Tokyo Bay. You can see us with our Yukatas...(if me manage to take them on! hahaha)


bye bye


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