Montag, 12. August 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 5: Odaiba Hanabi (Tokyo Bay Firework)


yesterday we went to the big firework at Tokyo Bay. There were a lot viewing spots but we decided to go to Odaiba. We only needed 30 minutes to the Hanabi.... actually... because there were so many people we had to wait 30 minutes only to enter the subway!!! -____-

My Yukata:

It was so hot and we had to wear our LONG yukatas with the thick fabric... I thought I would die. I never sweated so much in my life. This was hell!!! xDDDD
And, lucky me, forgot my fan!!!! grrrrr....

The line to the subway.... soooo crowded! >_<

But anyway the firework was so beautiful. It's so different from the german ones. They had smileys and hearts, sooooo cute!!! I loved it. I made a video for you so you can imagine how crowded it was! :D

After the firework we wanted to take purikura in our yukatas! hihi ^__^

Purikura outfit shot:

Have a nice day! ♥

Tomorrow I blog about our trip to Tokyo Tower and Hooter Restaurant in Ginza!

bye bye

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