Freitag, 16. August 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 8: One Piece Store at Shibuya

on Tuesday we went to Shibuya again! :D
Actually I wanted to go to Prisila wig shop but my google maps showed me the wrong place. -.-
But we found the One Piece store. It's awesome there. All the cute stuff they have! awww *_*
And I'm not even a One Piece fan.
On Sunday we want to go to JUMP STORE. They have all the stuff from shounen jump mangas and animes. I'm so excited!!!!! :DDDDD Finally I will get some Naruto goods. :3
Me at the entrance of the One Piece Store:

Kitai bought alot of stuff for her boyfriend here. She spent over 10,000 yen! O_o
Just crazy! haha xD 

 I wanted to have a picture of me on the Shibuya crossing. Hihi :3
Kitai was so nice to take one. :)

And Kitai and I infront of Hachiko. Sadly the picture went out blurry. The next time we have to take another one. >_<
After that we talked a little bit with our friend. He works in Shibuya as a promoter for Izakaya. We met him at the first day in Shibuya. He came to us and talked in german with us. We were so surprised! xD So everytime we are there, we have a little chat with him. :3
That is all from Tuesday!
bye bye


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