Donnerstag, 15. August 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 9: AKIHABARA (Purikura with Maid Costumes)


yesterday we went to Akihabara!!! :D

We wanted to go there because they have all the anime and manga stuff. But I was a little bit disappointed because most of the stores had only the echi and hentai stuff! -_- Everywhere little anime girls with way to big boobs. Boobs all over Akihabara! xD
I thought there would be more Naruto suff! :'(

Me and Kitai went also to some game center. But we didn't win anything! :/

Me at a crossing in Akihabara:

We went to a lot of stores but like I said, most of them had things I wasn't looking for. But in 2 duty free shops we found exactly what we wanted. There was a Rilakkuma section too. So I couldn't resist buying a little Korilakkuma plushy. ;___; All my money buhuhuhu. But I'm in love with Rilakkuma so I think it's ok. :'D

At the same store they had a Purikura machine and you could dress up as a maid!!! hahahaha so funny. They had other costumes too, but as we are in Akihabara we had to take the maid costume.

I love the last puri with us. But the other are ... well... maid costumes doesn't suit me neither Kitai.
Our d.i.a. clothes look way better on us! haha
But it was fun to try them on! :D

 My favourite! (*^_^*)

My gets from Akihabara:

Most of the stuff I bought are presents. So I show you them when I am at home again. Hihi :3
You will loooveee it!!! I found soo cute stuff for my friends and my family.

I love Japan with all the super duper cute kawaii fucking shit. I will miss this when I'm in Germany!!! x3 Today we saw a pink digger with dots. It was PINK ... with DOTS!!! A DIGGER!!! hahaha so cool!


bye bye


And thank you to my new followers! I'll make a giveaway when I am at home!!!! ♥
It makes me happy that there are people who actually read my blog!!! Thank you so much!!! You are the best! And also a big thank you to all who commented on my blog! I appreciate that!!!!



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