Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 12: Meeting Eriko & Clubbing at Atom


we met Kitais friend Eriko. Kitai knows her from her trip to Tokyo 2 years ago.

First we went taking purikura in Shibuya.

After our puri session we went to Shibuya 109.
 Eriko likes d.i.a. too so we went to the d.i.a. store AGAIN! hahaha
 me and Kitai in the d.i.a. store
After 109 we went to the Gyaru Café 10sion.
Surprisingly we met Kayo there. I knew her from facebook but I did not know that she was working in the Gyaru Cafe. xD
Also she is a friend of Eriko. ^_^
We had a nice talk with her about gaijin gyarus and all the trips she made.
It was very interesting! I hope one day she comes to Germany! :3

Here some pics of the Café:

They had a lot of gyaru magazines on the tables! Very nice! :D
Too bad we were there only once! :/

 Eriko, Kitai, me, Kayo

 Eriko took a picture of my nails.
It's the only pretty one I have...

 We got hungry so Eriko searched on the internet for some nice place to eat. Since we haven't had sushi until we arrived in Tokyo we decided to go to a Sushi Bar. :)

It was a nice restarant near Shibuya station. The food was cheap and delicious! :3

We talked a little bit and then Eriko said she never went clubbing in Tokyo.
So we decided to go to club Atom together! :D yaayy!!!

 We split up so that me and Kitai could take a nap. >_<

 And at mitnight we met Eriko again. Also Ina joined us!
We went to our favourite Izakaya with the free edamame! ;3

The staff took a picture of us .... my hair is just Q_Q ... that damn air moisture!!! >_>

We had some cocktails and I also drunk something with whisky. I think it was ginger ale with whisky...very delicious! *_*

Then we went to club Atom. It was very crowded ...but it was awesome.
The music is sooo good and all the people party like crazy until the club closes.
Just amazing! :D

In front of club Atom!

Our after-clubbing-purikuras:

The other post about Tokyo are coming soon.
And there will be a special post only with videos! ^_^

Have a nice evening! :3


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