Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 13+14: Shonen Jump Shop & Karaoke


On our 13th day we went to Tokyo station because we wanted to go to the Shonen Jump Shop.

When we arrived at the station we walked in the wrong direction. We had to ask one of the station staff where to go. I think it took half an hour since we arrived at the shonen jump shop! xD haha
Tokyo station is really huge and there is a big shopping district in the station. Just amazing. It took a while since we had seen all of the stores!

and oh lord my poor wallet!!! Actually I wanted to buy some Naruto stuff in the store but most of their items were from animes I even didn't know. Q_Q 
I was really disappointed. I thought they would have more Naruto stuff. It seems only One Piece is big in Japan.... :/
Anyway... there was a Rilakkuma store!!! and of course I bought some more Rilakkuma shit! xD

Sorry for being ugly that day. But I wasn't in the mood for doing my hair or make up! >_<

I bought this big pillow and a pencil case.
The pillow cost only 2,500 yen! :D

DAY 14

Sadly Kitai got sick. :/ She had stomachache! She couldn't even walk. I felt so sorry for her! :'(

I already got ready so I left alone to meet Ina and Eriko.
Eriko also brought some friends.

In Shibuya we went taking purikura and then to a Karaoke bar. :3

 at karaoke bar:

Everybody is having fun! :)

After 1 hour karaoke Erikos friends left. And Ina, Eriko and me went to Harajuku.

 We had dinner at McDonalds and then Ina took us to a live concert.
The band name was Crazy Shampoo.

I liked the concert. Actually the band is really good. :)
Thank you Ina for taking me there! :3

After the concert Eriko and me went home!
I had a nice day but it was sad that Kitai couldn't come with us! :/

 On my way home I saw this big final fantasy poster. They had it everywhere in Shibuya! :D


bye bye


I loved to hang out with Eriko. She is such a cute gal. 
I hope we can meet again! ^__^


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