Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 17: Velvet in Tokyo, Yukihide's Bar Chimera

Hey :3,

On that day we met some members of our gal circle Velvet.
I was happy to see Amanda and Hans again. Also our lovely Mia joined us! :D

First we went taking purikura:

Then we went to Shibuya 109. There we also met Kate who came from the hair dresser.

While the others were shopping, Kitai, Hans and me took some pictures:

Then we went to Donki because Kitai needed another suitcase! (>_<)

We both bought so much in Tokyo! xD

After Kitai bought a stylish leopard suitcase we splitted up and wanted us to meet in the night again for clubbing. But sadly only Hans joined us! :/

So in the evening Hans, Kitai and me met up with Erina. (The cute gal from day 2! ^_^)
She showed us Yukihide's bar Chimera. I heard a lot of the bar so I wanted to go there absolutely.
For some of you who don't know who Yukihide is. He's a famous men's egg model. Or was beacause mens egg was shut down not to long ago! :/
We talked with him and also other men's egg model about gyaru stuff and animes. Everyone was so nice and made sure we had a good time! :3

In the bar you could play darts or sing karaoke. I love lively bars like this a lot!
I had so much fun. ^__^

 with beautiful Erina! :3
Kitai, Hans, me, Yukihide

 Yuki also invited us for 2 rounds tequila! :D

Later we met with Ina and her friends. And then we went for the last time to club Atom. :'(

But it was amazing like always! :3



bye bye


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