Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2013

♥ TOKYO ♥ DAY 18: Last Day in Shibuya ;__;

This was our last day in Tokyo. 

And of course we spent it in SHIBUYA.

But first we went eating Curry. Kitai discovered this place when she took a walk.

The whole restaurant was decorated with Hello Kitty! So cute! :3

I had Curry with vegetables and Kitai had Curry with shrimps.

It was very delicous! :D 

When we went to Shibuya we bought cigarettes. Kitai got some in pink. They look so cute but their taste was not so good. I bought some packs of my beloved Marlboro and Rilakkuma lighter. :3

We also went to Shibuya 109 and to the d.i.a. store for the last time.
And I bought a fucking expensive d.i.a. top. but it was sooo beautiful! >_<

my 109 gets:

Kitai and me were so sad and melancholic because in a couple of hours we had to leave Tokyo! :(
 Our last hours we spent in a Izakakya. I loved the touch pad for ordering the food.

Then we went to Hachiko and enjoyed the atmosphere. Tokyo is so different and unique.
I almost cried! :'(


Here our last purikuras from Tokyo:

bye bye

on christmas I'll make the disney land and disney sea post. I took a lot of pictures and videos. But I already started editing them! :D

Also the "best of " video is finished. haha it's so funny! :'D

Sooo stay tuned!!! ;)

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