Montag, 3. Februar 2014

♥ Int. GYARU LOVERS Winter Meet 2014

Hello guy,

on the weekend I went to the GYARU MEET UP in Frankfurt.

Again thanks to Kitai for organizing this event!

I had so much fun and it was nice to meet so many knew people! I hope we're growing every year. Sadly I couldn't talk to everybody! :/

Make Up for Friday:


 T-shirt: XOXO Kiss Kiss
Skirt: XOXO Kiss Kiss
Cardigan: Yumetenbo / Dream V

After I arrived in Frankfurt I met with Riina. She was already there because she drove earlier in the morning by car. We went to Frankfurt Hostel and got ready.

On the other side of the street was a china restaurant. So we had chinese dinner. It was very delicous. :D

Awesome view from the restaurant window.

At 8pm we met with some of the gyaru's and gyaruo's who already arrived one day before the big meet up. ^_^
 And then we went to a cocktail bar. but you also could order burgers.:)


Pictures with my honeys:
 Miku & Kitai


 Jada & Daniel

Yamii, Wesley, me, Daniel     -     Jada, Riina, Yamii, me, Daniel

After having fun we decided to go clubbing. >.<

 It was a lot of fun!!! But on the next day I was so tired ! xD

I enjoyed Friday so much. I was happy to see Wesley again. It's always nice to talk with him also I am glad that I met the funny girls Jada and Yammi!!!! :3
Also I was excited to meet Daniel and Miku and all the other gals!!!! ♥ ^_^


my make up:


 Top: d.i.a.
skirt: d.i.a.

Here is our big group shot:
And that were not all of us!!!! *0*
It's amazing how we grow and grow every year. I hope next time we are more gyarus! xD

Pics with Kyo and Jojo.
 I was so excited to see them again! :3

 I wanted to take more pictures with others but then this fucking security man from the mall came and kicked us out!!!! -_____-
He just said: "you don't have permission to film....GET OUT!!!"
Very unfriendly! We only took one group picture! -.-

We split up in smaller groups and had dinner at Pizza Hut.

At 7pm we all met again for going to the Karaoke Bar.

It was sooo much fun hahaha! All the songs we sung....

(still waiting for pictures and videos xD)

After Karaoke we went back to the hotel and changed our oufits.
This was my clubbing outfit:

Top: d.i.a.
Skirt: d.i.a.
High heels: COCO

We went to the club A66 that Kitai mentioned. Everyone who had birthday in January got free drinks for 200 euro!!! ^______^

So Kitai was so nice and bought drinks for us!!! ♥

I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Because for me it was awesome. :D
I was happy to meet knew people and also I was excited to see my old friends!
Thank you everone for this amazing meet up!!!!

♥  ♥  ♥


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