Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

♥ Meeting my japanese friend Miku


Yesterday I met with Miku and her friend Samira. first we went to Cafe Relax. They had cream soda and I got a espresso. Then we went to the city center. Of course we went to primark and I couldn't resist buying something! ;A; I think we spent over one hour only at this store! XD haha

At 4 pm Kira and her best friend Lisa joined us! :3
Together we went eating at kiku sushi. Actually we wanted to eat ar Naniwa but it was closed! :(


This was my outfit and make up:

Top: d.i.a.
Cardigan: d.i.a.
Skirt: d.i.a.




I had a lot of fun with you guys. hope to see you soon again! ♥

Bye bye

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