Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

♥ TOKYO ♥ Video + all the things I bought (Shibuya 109 Brands)


finally I managed to upload our video from Tokyo.

Sooo here it is:


this are all the things I bought:


More items in detail:

Shibuya 109 Brands:

 one piece + bandeau bra: d.i.a.
bag: d.i.a.
pink top: d.i.a.
lashes: diamond lash (SBY)
skirt: XOXO Kiss Kiss

one piece: d.i.a.
t-shirt: XOXO Kiss Kiss
skirt: d.i.a.

 stripe top: baby shoop
flower top: d.i.a.
belt: d.i.a.
pink top: d.i.a.
brown top with feather: d.i.a.

 top: d.i.a.
(this was the last thing I bought at the d.i.a. store and it was fucking expensive ... something over 7,000yen ;___;)

 slippers: Donki
lashes: diamand lash (SBY)
 sweater: d.i.a.
cardigan: d.i.a.

 Other stuff:

 high heels: FlagJ

 Everything bought at Sunshine City.

 Yukata: random store in Harajuku


 bought at Rilakkuma Stores in Harajuku and Tokyo Station

For all clothes, shoes, yukata, make up and skin care products I spent 
95,958yen (about 650-680€).

And I spent 10,635yen (about 65-75€) for my Rilakkuma stuff.

I hope this post was helpful. Maybe some of you got a overview how much you would spent in clothes when you are in Tokyo.

Thanks for reading.

bye bye

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