Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2014

Plutonium's Halloween Meet


on Saturday we had a circle meet. Inaia, Reita and Azumi also joined us. 

First we went eating Sushi. Then we walked around in the City and went to some stores. 
Later we got drinks at Starbucks and took a lot of pictures at the main station.

 My hair, make up and outfit for that day:
 This is how my hair looked like BEFORE I went out of the house. Thanks to the rainy weather and the air moisture, my hair got a total mess in less than 20 minutes! -.-

 Photos with my girrrls:

 I had a lot of fun with them! :)

 Group pics:

 I love the group shots. We weren't drunk at all but still gone crazy in the photos! xD
A funny Parapara video will be following! ;)
 So many people aked us for pictures! xD
Everyone was like: 'why do you dress up like that? halloween is next week!'
So we can't celebrate Halloween one week before? typically Germany!!!!
 Selfie time! :3

From left to right: I, Inaia, Kyo, Azumi, Barbara, Ramona. The dead one: Kitai!

Hace a nice day!!!!

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